Why is it that almost all the WATER we buy-on the go is packaged in PLASTIC bottles? 🤷‍♂️



That’s why we launched our own water brand, Box’d H2O 👍

And partnered with Tetra Pak for the packaging solution 👍

After all, Tetra Pak has an ambition is to lead sustainability transformation within the packaging industry and their mantra is “protect what’s good”

WE AGREE 👍 👍 👍

Our Box’d H2O range is plain water in 500ml.

And flavoured waters in 330ml sizes (three flavours – Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, Orange).

Pure still water, with 0% impurities and a balanced PH for maximum refreshment.

In recyclable carton packaging which is 83% plant based and completely BPA free.

Even the cap is made from sugar cane.

All contributing to a BIG reduction in our carbon footprint 🤩

Says Ross Beattie (pictured), MD of UK Brand Sales “We know it is really hard for businesses to be fully 100% sustainable, but this is an easy one. Just replacing plastic bottles of water with a sustainable alternative is an easy and quick win, and we encourage everyone to do it” 🤞

If we can help, DM Ross or visit our website ukbrandsales.com 😀