After eight years at Newton Close, Wellingborough, it’s time for the next chapter in the growth of UK Brand Sales and sister companies Alchemyst e-Commerce and Beattie Brands.
The move is only around the corner, to Fleming Close, Wellingborough, but with a warehouse multiple times bigger than current space, and more space for offices, open plan working and meeting, reception and break-out rooms, it is a big move onward and upwards for the businesses.

Says Ross, Managing Director at UK Brand Sales, “We have been in our current location for almost eight years and the time has flown by. We started with 44 pallets of stock and with just two team members, and now eight years later we are bursting at the seams, with two warehouses, not enough office space and well, overspill everywhere!”

He continues “this is a great time to move to bigger premises so we can grow further, and in many ways it had to happen given the influx of new clients to our UK Brand Sale business, all seeking sales, marketing and logistics solutions to the UK market place. Our team has grown to over twenty and we need more space to operate and grow further”
The move is also a big step onwards for sister businesses Beattie Brands Limited, and also Alchemyst e-Commerce, led by Mary-Anne.
Mary-Anne says “Alchemyst e-Commerce didn’t exist three years ago, and in those three years we have grown very quickly enabling some amazing clients to sell their products on-line via webshops and Amazon (FBA and FBM). I am so proud to be leading this business, and with a team of ten colleagues covering every aspect of on-line selling (warehousing, fulfilment, selling, marketing and customer service), we really did need more space, so the new move is very welcome.”
FOOTNOTE – our new address is 11 Fleming Close, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 6UF