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UK Brand Sales are a selling, marketing and distribution business, dedicated to our client brands.

Working with ambitious brands to drive listings and sales through all UK retail, wholesale and HORECA trade channels, plus the digital expertise to support brands seeking an e-commerce direct to consumer solution.

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What sales channels do UK Brand Sales sell to?
There are a number of distinct sales channels we distribute and sell products to; bricks and mortar high street retailers, multiple grocers, convenience retailers, discounters, farm stores, the wholesale and Cash & Carry trade, HORECA (hotels, restaurants and catering/foodservice), on-Line retailers including Ocado and Amazon, our own on-line web store, plus consumer TV.
Can we choose the services we receive from UK Brand Sales?

Yes, we tailor our solution to best fit your needs, to include Sales, Marketing, On-Line/E-commerce, Logistics, Warehousing and admin support services.

I am a brand owner; how can I find out more about what you can do for my brand?

Please contact us using the details on the web site and we will contact you right back to discuss routes to market and our services in more detail.

How do you measure success?

We operate the P.A.C.E system, ‘Plan, Action, Control and Evaluation’, which means we agree on set deliverables and targets based on sales value or volume or market share depending how you would like to measure success.

How do we think UK Brand Sales are different from the market & our competition?
A Distributor will quite often have a ‘telephone directory’ of products and will offer little or no flexibility and the brand owner will lose control. An Agent/Broker will quite often be a ‘One man band’, with no option for supplying smaller retailers and will lack flexibility. At UK Brand Sales, we are open book, you only pay for the services you use, we do what is best for the brand and we are totally flexible.
How do you go about launching a new product in the UK?
Every brand we launch in the UK will have a structured ‘critical project path’ from the start of the project to getting the product on the retailer’s shelf and available to the end consumer. We work with you in agreeing these timescales and who needs to deliver which tasks to achieve our shared objectives.
What RSP (Retail selling price) can I expect for my products to sell at?
As part of the process of launching a product we will evaluate the cost from our warehouse to the RSP on the retailer’s shelf, advising and working with you to achieve a “win” solution for all parties.
I am not sure my brand/product is suitable for the UK or which category they will fit in?
To ensure your brand is launched in the correct way and you are aware of its full potential, the financial risk, and the sales opportunities in the UK market, we offer all new supply partners a market feasibility study.