“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”

This is a Peter Drucker quote and as a Marketing Director, I am a big fan of Peter Drucker, a bit of a marketing guru. Drucker often speaks in technical marketing jargon and more than occasionally pure common sense. I mean isn’t marketing a lot of common sense? Working out what customers want and providing it for them, better than your competitors, whilst making a profit. Surely that’s easy, eh?

Back to the quote! We have a shiny new website at UK Brand Sales. We had to stop looking at the old one and thinking it was ok. I mean it was ok, it did the basics. But you wouldn’t have been “wowed” by our website in the way it was designed, or how we communicated what we do as a business and how much better we are than our competitors. So, it was letting us down, because we have a lot to good things to say.

We are a modern, professional sales, marketing and distribution business, helping brands achieve their full potential in the UK market place. We have amazing people working at UKBS, with oodles of experience and capability, and superb trade relationships. We deal with customers in every sales channel and we also use our supply chain experience to offer an e-commerce solution to brands requiring a direct to consumer/home service.

So why now? Well, I can’t lie, it took a while to realise we could do a lot better. To blame is the age-old conundrum of working “in” versus working “on” your business. When you are super-busy at work, working “in” the business, it’s a blessing just to occasionally put your head above the parapet to see what is going on, never mind pinpoint something which needs changing, and then finding the time to actually do it.

As Managing Director Ross Beattie explains “We have known for some time we are one of the leading sales, marketing and distribution partners for food and drink brands in the UK, but our communication channels, notably our website just wasn’t saying it. Bringing in Chris, with his strategic marketing background, gave us an opportunity to work on the way we present ourselves to potential client brands. The website is a massive improvement”

Managing Director Ross Beattie continues, “new brand partners are always impressed when they meet us, as we have insight and expertise to share, but sometimes our shop window to our business, our website, wasn’t doing us justice. Now it presents UKBS as we should be seen; a modern, flexible, first class sales, marketing and supply chain partner for food and drink brands wanting to maximise their distribution in the UK. The whole business likes the new website, it showcases us as we should be seen”

So back to the quote! We wanted something new, and now we have it. It showcases UK Brand Sales as we should be judged. Let’s hope it not only sends the right signals to our potential customers, but leads to more enquiries and more business too.