The benefits of a Distributor/broker who can offer focus and flexibility in their services.

The are many types of Food Distributors in the UK taking on many different formats and operations.

There are large Distributors and brokers as well as ‘One Man Band’ Agents and brokers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and a few illustrations are below:

Large Distributor or broker Small Agent/broker
‘Telephone Directory’ of products Often a ‘One Man Band’
Invoices and delivers to all customers but with little flexibility No/little option for supplying smaller Retailers as lack of coverage
Brand owner loses control Lack of flexibility
Consolidation on deliveries No Warehousing

The ideal Distributor/broker is a company that can offer flexibility and also able to give a choice of service, as brands and products often need different solutions which are cost effective but offer success in gaining fast and effective sales and distribution.

The two types of services brand owners normally require from a Distributor/broker which are as follows:

  1. Sales & Marketing Distributor – a distributor or broker will take title to the goods, warehousing, distributing and invoicing the customer and collecting payment.
  2. Sales & Marketing Agency – working on commission with the manufacturer, delivering and invoicing the customer directly.

Brand owners when launching a Brand or product may also require the flexibility to offer an On-line fulfillment service, which will allow consumers and smaller customers to order direct from the manufacturers ‘On Line Shop’ or ‘third-party On-Line Web Shop’ such as the ‘Good Food Company’ High Quality products; Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic. (

Branded Manufactures when launching may also require a ‘Feasibility Study’ to ensure the brand is launched in the correct way. This will ensure they have a clear plan of action including budgeting, forecasting but also understand their competition and what the risks and opportunities are to launching.

The major advantages of a Distributor/broker are that they can gain Sales and Distribution quickly as they have the knowledge of the territory and the customers. They can offer major cost savings as Brands sold through a Distributor/broker are using a shared resource with regards Sales, Marketing, Back Office support and Logistics.

One such company that can offer flexibility of service and can work as either as a Distributor/broker or Agent and can give focus to your brand and products in the UK Grocery Market, is UK Brand Sales who Head office and Warehouse is located in Wellingborough, central UK.

UK Brand Sales are one of the few Food Distributors in the UK that offer Sales and Marketing but also operate their own Warehouse and trucks, giving them totally flexibility of service, including direct deliveries to consumers through any On-Line sales

At UK Brand Sales they chose to work with a limited number of brands which allows them to focus and gain a clear understanding of the products they represent, their market sectors and opportunities.

All Brand and Product launches to major customers by UK Brand Sales have a dedicated meeting and no other business is discussed, which gives focus to gaining a listing.

If this is a service your Brand or Product requires, please don’t hesitate to contact UK Brand Sales via their Web Site: Home – UK Brand Sales